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Massage Testimonial's

I came across James by chance when looking for stress massage which could be done at home and was intrigued by the service he offered but it definitely sounded like something I needed


I was a little apprehensive at first letting a stranger into my home but from the minute I opened the door, James put me at ease immediately with his friendly charm and personality. He doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable in the slightest though the initial part of laying down for the massage did leave me feeling vulnerable, but any nerves I had disappeared within minutes


His touch is light but meaningful and it doesn’t take long before you transcend into your own dream world as he works his magic bringing sensations to the surface I never knew existed! He brings you to a climax which is unbelievable but enveloping at the same time


The whole experience was both relaxing and amazing, leaving me feeling refreshed, satisfied and de stressed. Definitely something I would advise all women to experience at least once, though you may find once is not enough!


K, Nottingham



My first visit with J was a completely new experience, something I never saw myself doing and one which I sought for a few reasons, the main one being that I was missing the intimacy and touch after having come out of a relationship a few years earlier. I was very nervous from the outset which wasnt helped by me being a naturally anxious person. So this carried through from the initial point of contact to the appointment date.


Only ever having been intimate with one person, it was a big step in being touched that way by another man and especially being from one that I didnt know. This was to be a much needed step however. On first meeting, I noticed the easy going manner and quiet confidence that J exuded, which got my heart racing but also put me at ease. I didnt know quite what to expect from a sensual massage or how I was going to react but I soon found it to be very stimulating. I certainly didnt think I would feel so looked after throughout the session. J has a very soft touch with hands that glide over and caress your body, in such a way that I couldnt always tell if it was just one or both hands on me.


They seemed to mould around me, which was absolute heaven. The sensations I felt are indescribable but ones that brought on a deep longing for more touch. My orgasm crept up on me........J sensing it before me, which took me completely by surprise. Its like he knew exactly what signs my body was giving off in order to bring me to this higher state. It crept through and over me like a heatwave.


The most pleasurable feeling a female can experience at the hands of a male. I just didnt want it to end. I felt J listened to me from the word 'go' and tailored the session to suit me. This for me was very important. I found the whole experience to be very erotic and one which I wouldnt have missed or changed for the world. I would highly recommend giving it a go.

(T, Essex)



Thank you so much for lovely treat this afternoon. I feel feminine, relaxed and glowing.

I had no idea what to expect today, and I couldn’t have imagined anyway! My body felt completely looked after and I felt I was in the hands of a total expert!


I had no idea another persons touch could make me feel like that, and I have no idea how you did what you did, but blew my mind (and body). I felt completely taken away in a place of bliss and ecstasy. Your hands and your energy felt wonderful and where I normally am concerned with the other person enjoying themselves above my own needs, I felt you were enjoying it completely as well which made me relax more and just enjoy the moment and let myself be carried away


I have never had another persons hands make me orgasm so that is a first for me (at 43 years old!) and a very special thing for me to overcome. I think it took me by surprise. I expected to feel lovely, which I did but did not expect to orgasm and was so wrapped up in just the loveliness of it all you built it up just right and sensed my “moment” before I did, or maybe you took me on a journey (?) which was really quite amazing. Just when the hint of feeling of holding back started to arise (that usually stops me orgasm'ing probably), you took me back into bliss world again and I could not resist :-)


(Louise, London)


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